Issues with the landlord

Of course, it is very unfortunate when problems occur between you and your landlord. It’s only natural that you don’t want to leave your home, as good and affordable student accommodation is not that easy to find in most student cities. But the existing conflict with your landlord also doesn’t make it possible to live peacefully in your current home. What to do?

No matter the cause of the issue, try to make the situation “work” for as long as possible, in other words: don’t make it more severe. Stay correct and professional (concentrate on the facts, and don’t let your emotions guide you) during all contact with your landlord. This way, you prevent yourself of being accused of acting incorrectly or inappropriately later on.

Always try to “just” solve the matter by having a conversation with your landlord. In case you find it hard to do this personally, you can consider bringing in an unbiased third party to negotiate for you and/or to represent you.

Sometimes you can foresee that finding a solution is going to be hard. In that case, you can gain legal advice for yourself at, for example, the legal office, where you are given free advice. Or maybe your university/HBO-institute or student fraternity has an advice office that you can turn to for legal advice? Note: it is recommended to not inform your landlord initially of the fact that you are legally orientating yourself. This way, you prevent the relationship with your landlord from becoming unnecessary and/or intensified too early.

Does it unfortunately turn out to be impossible to solve the issue without interference from a judge? Then you can still decide to take legal actions. However, experience shows that this often disturbs the relationship between the tenant and the landlord to such extend, that it becomes very difficult later on to continue renting the space in a pleasant matter.