Is the rent reasonable?

You have found a nice room, apartment or house. How do you know if the requested price matches the actual quality?

On the website, you can find information on how to calculate your rent. The site gives a detailed explanation of the legal rules for determining rental prices in the non-liberalized (social) sector. Here, you can also find useful calculation models to check whether the requested monthly rent is just right, too high or too low. You can also calculate whether the additional service costs and other costs are correct. Also, check right away if you can apply for a remission of your municipal taxes.

Note: Always check your rent within the first six months after you signed your rental agreement. If it turns out that you are paying too much (which means the so-called initial rent is too high), then you can apply for a rent reduction, and claim back the overpaid amount with retroactive effect.

In case you can prove that your initial rent is too high, your landlord might not agree with a decrease in rent or a refund of the overpaid amount. In that case, you can present the dispute to the rental commission. If you do this within six months after you signed your contract, you can reclaim the overpaid amount of rent from the moment you initiated the procedure.