Fired on the spot

Getting fired on the spot is a painful situation most employees never want to experience during their career. Fortunately, if one gets fired on the spot, there are a number of legal actions one can take to try to reverse the decision.

I’ve veen fired on the spot, what can I do?

To start, you can get a summary dismissal evaluated by a cantonal judge. In case the judge finds the dismissal “apparently unreasonable”, he or she can decide two things: you will be compensated for the damages, or the working agreement will be restored.

While deciding whether the summary dismissal is justified, the cantonal judge will examine if certain criteria haven’t been met. Here, the cohesiveness between the actual dismissal and the occasion are being evaluated. For example, being accidentally late for work is not considered to be a valid reason for a summary dismissal. However, if you structurally showed up late at work, despite earlier warnings, then the judge might decide in favour of your employer.