Labour law

Labour law includes the laws that apply when being contracted by an employer. The employer has a number of rights, as well as the employee. You can call upon your legal expenses insurance when you think that your employer mistreats you.

You could take legal action against your employer in case you were fired without cause, or when an employer suddenly cuts down your working hours. The legal costs of a trial and the costs of legal aid are being insured by your legal expenses insurance. Make sure to check with your legal expenses insurer, whether labour law is included in the insurance package.

Labour law and the hours that you work

There are a number of important rules to which your employer should abide, concerning the hours that you work. The most common situations are explained in the articles below:

Labour contract

Here you can find more information on what to do when ending your contract, the procedure and what to look out for when you have, for example, a permanent contract.

General labour law

If you work for a recruitment agency or an employer, you have a high number of rights, also with a part-time contract. Many people are not aware of their rights and can read more about them in this section.