Harassment at work

Even though harassment at work isn’t something anyone would like to experience, it is a common conflict in companies. Fortunately there are a number of legal actions one can take to deal with harassment at work.

I’m experiencing harassment at work. What can I do?

An employer has to ensure that his or her employees are able to do their work in a confortable and safe environment. When this is not the case in your work environment, due to harassment by a colleague, it is recommended that you report this to your employer as soon as possible.

In the Netherlands, when your employer does not undertake any action following your mention, or when your employer is the one harassing you, then you can contact the Commission of Equal Treatment (CGB). You can request them by letter to start an investigation, based on your complaint. When the CGB concludes that your complaint is valid, it can be legally demanded that the intimidation will be declared unlawful.

When the CGB does not concur with you, you can subsequently present your complaint to the judge. Chances are that the judge will adapt the verdict of the CGB.