Legality campus contract

In article 7:274, section 4 BW, the legality of a campus contract is described. It states the following, among others:

  • The validity of your contract is linked to your rental registration at your educational institute. When unregistered, your rental contract also ends.
  • The landlord is allowed to annually check if the tenant is still enrolled at the educational institution. The landlord is hereby allowed to ask for a proof of enrolment.
  • The tenant always has a maximum of 3 months to hand over the proof of enrolment, starting from the moment that the landlord requests it.
  • If you cannot show any proof of enrolment as a tenant, then the landlord has the right to end the contract. In this case, the landlord has to stick to the legal notice. Depending on the duration of your stay, this notice can vary from a three to six months maximum.
  • When the landlord wants to end the rental agreement, because you are not (or no longer) able to show that you are registered at an educational institution and you are not cooperating, then the landlord can decide to take the matter to court.
  • If the judge is in favour of the landlord, the expenses will be on your account as a tenant.

Tip: You can only speak of a campus contract when the contract explicitly states that the living space will be rented out again to another student after termination of the contract. If this clause cannot be found in the contract, then there is (technically speaking) no campus contract. In that case, a landlord cannot use the lack of proof of registration as a legitimate reason to end the rental agreement.