When can a landlord end the rental agreement?

In some cases, a landlord can decide to cancel the rental agreement. The terms on which a landlord can do this are written down in the rental law:

  • The landlord can prove that the tenant has been behaving inappropriately.
  • It concerns a temporary rental agreement. In that case, the landlord can officially end the contract to prevent that the rental agreement is being silently continued.
  • It can occur that the landlord urgently needs the rented space for personal use. When the landlord cannot prove that there is enough additional living space at hand, then the landlord is obliged to offer the tenant a suitable substitute living space.
  • The landlord has given a reasonable proposal for a new rental agreement. When the tenant does not accept the offer, then the landlord is allowed to end the agreement.
  • Because of a valid development plan it is necessary that the rented living space becomes vacant again.
  • In case a landlord has his or her main property in the same building where he or she rents out rooms, then the so-called “substantial interests of the landlord of rooms” can be a valid reason to end the rental agreement.